1. Eye protection is mandatory. Even at the staging area, even between games. A detached retina will ruin your day.
  2. Respect everyone. Keep racism, misogyny, misandry, political snipes, snobbery, and general toxicity to yourself. Be a good sportsman.
  3. Call hits. The attacker is always right – if you hit someone, let them know. If you’re not sure you hit someone, assume you missed. If you suspect another player of cheating, tell the war organizer after the round.
  4. Take hits. If a player says they hit you, they hit you. Anything on yourself that stops a moving dart is a hit – your gear, your blaster, your hair, whatever. Hits do not count if the projectile ricocheted off cover, bounced off another player, or bounces in some way that changes it’s original trajectory. However, if a projectile punches through leaves, it counts since the projectile continued on it’s normal trajectory. Argue about hits after the game ends.
  5. Sweep when we say. We’ll announce when we’re collecting darts, and you’re expected to help. We need to keep the public park clean for everyone. If you’re eliminated, wait for the game to end before picking up darts.
  6. Put your hands up in the air. When you get hit, put your hand in the air while returning to spawn and counting in. Remember that in most games, you may only count in while at the base, not while walking back.
  7. No fisticuffs or real steel. Mock battles and foam weapons only. No physical violence. Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t wave around in front of police, because Central Park is full of police.
  8. Foam and rubber projectiles only. No felt-and-washer Slugs, no glue domes, no thumbtack ‘death darts’ or FVJ (solid / hard tip darts).
  9. If it’s safe, it’s legal. We have a 250 FPS cap using Gen 3 Worker darts. Blasters may not look anything like paintball guns or real firearms. Most of our blasters are 150-250FPS.
  10. Melee weapons and shields allowed. Melee weapons must be soft and safe, with no hard or sharp bits. Shields have special restrictions – circular shields are limited to 3′ 2.5″ in diameter, rectangular shields to 4’x2′. If you bring a shield, bring a stock (unmodified) store-bought blaster to comply with our restrictions. Rival flywheels cannot be used with a shield.
  11. Ages 15 and up. Most of our members are 20-somethings who cuss a lot.