Nerf Ops Sitrep #8 – Apocalypse Soon

Nerf Ops Sitrep #8 – Apocalypse Soon

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Two big wars, one big cast. We debrief you on Cataclysm III, look ahead to Apocalypse, and ponder whether 3-15 Deathmatch has any redeeming value whatsoever.

Join Ness and Zack as they share the best moments and key insights from Cataclysm III. Prepare for Apocalypse with NIC-ready strategies, tips about the field, and a little trash-talkin’.

Between Cataclysm III and Apoc, it’s an action-packed few weeks. Prepare yourself, because there’s no way we’re canceling this Apocalypse.

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Intro and outro song is Running Free by Michett featuring Kalipluche, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial.

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  1. Ryan from Delaware Nerf Club. Love to host a battle here at Brandywine Springs Park in Wilmington, DE

    1. We’d love to invade you! Our resident warmongers will be in touch to dictate your terms of surrender.

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