Nerf Ops Sitrep #7 – Cataclysm Hype Train

Nerf Ops Sitrep #7 – Cataclysm Hype Train

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The Cataclysm III hype train is here, and Ness and Zack are your conductors. Toot toot!

Arm thyself with the secret knowledge of the ancients – what to pack, what to bring, and how to excel in our special Nerf games. Learn the origins of Cataclysm, how it’s improved over the year, and what’s new for the third installment.

Not sure if you discovered yet, but there are post-roll jokes after the outro music of every episode. This episode’s gag is particularly funny, so I’m spoiling the secret.

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Intro and outro song is Running Free by Michett featuring Kalipluche, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial.

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