Nerf Ops Sitrep #3 – Sticks and Stones

Nerf Ops Sitrep #3 – Sticks and Stones

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Sometimes hitting enemies with darts isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to hit them with the entire weapon. This week, Zack and Ness go native and talk about smacky things, throwy things, and using them against enemy things.

You’ll learn how to select melee and throwing weapons, when to use them, how to use them to add maximum value to your team, as well as the physical demands these weapons require.

Today’s episode has a special focus on the Jedi, a melee-only class available at NYCNO events that is immune to small projectiles. Learn how to channel the Force and sow chaos into the enemy lines.

We cut about 30 minutes of Zack raging out against players who use melee weapons as primaries, and another 30 minutes of Ness arguing that Jedi have no chance against anyone with a sock bomb. Listen closely and prove both of them wrong.

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Intro and outro song is Running Free by Michett featuring Kalipluche, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial.

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