Nerf Ops Sitrep #2 – Jungle Love

Nerf Ops Sitrep #2 – Jungle Love

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Today we take a detour into nature’s bounty and shoot it with darts. Join Zack and Ness and learn how to bushwhack your way to victory.

The overgrown wooded terrain we call the jungle is one of the most brutal Nerf battlefields. Those who master it unlock a wealth of tactical advantages, while those who fail will spend the entire game entangled in a thorny maze.

Learn what gear dominates the jungle and what to leave at the staging area, how to maneuver and set ambushes, how to adapt to the jungle’s unique positional demands, and which games are best in the bush. It might trip you, snag your blaster, and ruin your shots; but with a few tips, you too will learn to love the jungle.

Also, Ness struggles to pronounce ‘foliage’ and Zack flubs his dated movie references. It’s a good time all around.

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Intro and outro song is Running Free by Michett featuring Kalipluche, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial.

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  1. hmmmmmMMMMM worker 22 and big mags make prone firing harder?
    That’s why I use PMags lmao

    The caliburn you gotta be able to prime prone lol but the short barrel is v important as an SBR, I’d look for a SCAR’able barrel or something in compact size, or that Prophecy / ret builds I think would shine

    please wear eye pro esp in the jungle

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