Nerf Ops Sitrep #0 – Mess with the Vest

Nerf Ops Sitrep #0 – Mess with the Vest

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The NYC Nerf Ops Sitrep kicks off with a deep dive into tactical gear. Belt, vest, or thigh rig? Melee weapons, sidearms, or more ammo? How much ammo is enough and what makes good eye protection? Your hosts Zack and Ness break it all down.

Intro and outro song is Running Free by Michett featuring Kalipluche, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial.

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  1. few comments,

    -use a tighter pouch or the sinche for the pouch, smaller and elastic ones are better.
    -sidearms are worthless for nerf, granted sometimes it is cool
    -I love how much I’m mentioned and I don’t remember ever getting tagged by that sledgefire
    – velcro a sock to u nes to throw at people, on ur blaster somewhere. Or underbarrel mega
    -yes you can sneak w/ flywheels lmao,
    -I carry about 108 shots loaded with my RS, LMFAO
    -Rob has been to 100+ wars, I’m at like 40ish events? now w/ constant NYCNOs and not much at college for me you get to catch up Nes lmao
    -Nes you should let me handle ur gear and set up ur shit 😉
    -my tactical pants are surplus woodlands, 10$. LBX are p good for 100$ but Crye is pointless lmao
    -grenades have a bit of a safety thing for me where the projectile can’t really be safe being lobbed
    -smooth operator w/ accents and color is good lmfao,
    -rob has a dump pouch, just hand me downs
    – face masks are unnecessary lmao, and yea bad public perception
    – molle is a double edge sword, you don’t always need molle everywhere. A basic NCStar AK rig is a great starter chest rig. You can just put molle on a 2 in belt but it might move a little.
    – a nice set of pants can have insert knee pads, or externals can be good. I like Altas

  2. Zack, Nes, keep these going we want to hear more Nerf stuff.
    The game modes you run. What influenced the game sets you run.
    How to understand the lingo

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