Objective – Eliminate all enemy players while reviving your teammates.

  • When a player is hit, they are downed – they must take a knee, hold a hand up, and may not use weapons.
  • Any player may revive a teammate by putting a hand on their shoulder and counting to 10.
  • Players may only revive one teammate at a time.
  • When all players on a team are downed, that team loses.
  • Protip – If a downed teammate is hit while being revived, it’s OK. Use them as cover!
  • Protip – You may fire your blaster while reviving a teammate.
  • Protip – Consider dividing your team into three-person fire teams. One player can revive another while the third covers.
  • Protip – Players are at their most vulnerable when surrounded. Continually try to encircle your enemies and evade their flanks!