Point Control

Objective – Control as much territory as possible when the timer runs out.

  • Each team is assigned a color and begins the game at their base.
  • A timer, generally five or ten minutes, is started.
  • When hit, you must return to your team’s base and count to 15 while touching the base. You may not use your weapons while returning to base or counting in.
  • A number of capture points are designated with ribbons. To gain control of a point, touch the point, knock all enemy ribbons to the ground, and hang your team’s ribbon from the point.
  • Touching the point captures it. Even if you’re hit after touching the point, you may swap the ribbons before returning to your base.
  • When the timer elapses, the game is over. The team with the most points under their control wins.
  • In the case of a tie, the game is in overtime. The first team to control more points than each other team wins.
  • Protip – Track that timer. A last-second capture is just as good as a full-game hold.
  • Protip – You can’t be everywhere. Before the game begins, coordinate which points will be defended, which will be contested, and which will be ignored.
  • Protip – Ensure each teammate knows which points they’re responsible for.
  • Protip – You have infinite lives. Go crazy!