Modifier – Sticks & Stones

This rule set is applied to another game type. Read that game’s rules to learn how to win!

Modifier – Players may only use pistols, melee weapons, bows, and thrown projectiles.

  • Players may only carry permitted weapons.
  • Pistols and bows must hold 12 or fewer projectiles, may not use compressed air or motors, and may not use detachable magazines. 
  • Melee weapons and thrown projectiles must be soft and safe, as judged by the war organizer.
  • Players may carry and use shields only if they do not use pistols or bows.
  • Hard-hitting blasters will be banned, at the war organizer’s discretion.
  • Protip – Many blasters that aren’t pistol-shaped count as pistols. For instance, the Rough Cut, Sledgefire, blowguns, and Ravager are all legal.
  • Protip – Even bows are subject to the ammo cap and magazine restrictions.
  • Protip – We’re more lenient with powerful bows than powerful pistols, since they’re harder to use.