Modifier – Jedi

This rule set is applied to another game type. Read that game’s rules to learn how to win!

Modifier – The Force is strong in this game.

  • Players on each team are designated Jedi.
  • Jedi are armed with one melee weapon. They may not use any other equipment.
  • Jedi may not capture any objectives or hold objective items like flags.
  • Jedi are completely immune to 50-caliber darts, Boomco darts, Vortex discs and Rival balls. They dodge or block or something.
  • Jedi are eliminated when hit by another melee weapon, a Mega dart, a sock bomb, or other over-sized projectile.
  • Jedi are not eliminated when their melee weapon is hit – they deflect the impact. If a Jedi deflects a projectile at an enemy, that enemy is considered tagged. If a Jedi deflects a mega dart or other over-sized projectile at an enemy shield or another Jedi, that player is tagged.
  • Jedi don’t have any other Force powers, but players are encouraged to play along with Force Pushes, Force Chokes, and Sith Lightning.
  • Any melee used by jedi must be less than or equal to 130 square inches total (including the handle). If you are dual-wielding, your two weapons must be 130 square inches or less together.This is to prevent people from having weapons so thick they are practically shields, or so long they can out duel any jedi.