Objective – Eliminate the enemy medic and the players protecting them.

  • Each team has one medic.
  • When a medic is hit, they are eliminated.
  • When another player is hit, they are downed – they must take a knee, hold a hand up, and may not use weapons.
  • The medic may revive a downed teammate by touching or shooting them.
  • When all players on a team are downed and the team’s medic is eliminated, that team wins.
  • Protip – Keep the team together so the medic can quickly and safely revive any player.
  • Protip – Coordinate your teammates to take multiple opponents down simultaneously and expose the medic.
  • Protip – The Medic may carry shields if permitted.

Variation: Ranged Medic

This is a modifier that can be added to any game. A player must take a knee when they are tagged. The medic has a designated low-fps blaster and is given 2 healing darts (the number can be changed to alter the length of the game) per teammate to use with that blaster. So if a medic has 4 teammates, he/she gets 8 healing darts. The medic can heal any tagged teammate by shooting them with that blaster. If the medic misses, that healing dart is still lost. Healing darts cannot be picked up. If the medic is tagged, he/she is eliminated permanently and no more players can be healed on that team. The medic can also use a regular blaster like any other player.