Objective – Eliminate all enemy lords and recruit their bannermen.

  • Players are divided into two-person teams. One member of each team is a Lord, the other is a bannerman. Each team picks their starting position.
  • When a lord is hit, they are downed. They also lose their status as a lord and play the rest of the game as a bannermen if revived.
  • When a bannerman is hit, they’re downed – they must take a knee, hold a hand up, and may not use weapons.
  • When a lord is hit, their bannermen teammates are all automatically downed. Since this team no longer has a lord, any of them may now be revived by another lord. When a lord is hit, the lord and all of his/her teammates must take a knee and hold up both hands. This indicates that this team no longer has a lord and may now be revived by any current lord.
  • A lord can always revive their own downed bannerman by putting their hand on that player’s shoulder and counting to 10.
  • When a lord revives a downed lordless bannerman (a bannerman whose lord has been killed), that bannerman becomes loyal to the new lord and joins their team.
  • When only one lord remains, they and their bannermen win the game. There can be only one!