Hard Mode KOTH

Objective – Control the capture point for a predetermined amount of time (the hard way).

  • Each player starts the game at their team’s base.
  • When hit, you must return to your team’s base and count to 15 while touching the base. You may not use your weapons while returning to base or counting in.
  • A capture point device is placed at the center of the field. To capture the point, hold your team’s button.
  • Your team’s timer counts down while the button is held. Pressing it is not enough – you must hold the button to score. The timer is usually 30 seconds.
  • When hit, you must immediately release the button. 
  • For safety, you must use a hand to capture the point. You may not step on the button or strike it with your blaster.
  • When your team’s countdown reaches zero, you win!
  • Protip – Before the game, the organizer will announce how much time is on the clock. Pay attention and keep your team updated!
  • Protip – The timer doesn’t reset when you release the button. You can make multiple plays to score a few seconds at a time.
  • Protip – RUN RUN RUN! Only a few seconds separate victory from defeat. Engage as hard and fast as possible.