Flag Push

Objective: Deliver the flag to the enemy base, or just eliminate the enemy team.

  • Each player has three lives and starts the game at their team’s base.
  • When hit, you lose a life.
  • To return to the game (respawn), you must return to your team’s base and count to 15 while touching the base. You may not use your weapons while returning to base or counting in.
  • When you lose your last life, you are eliminated and must leave the battlefield.
  • One flag is placed in the middle of the battlefield. Any player may carry the flag, except jedi or other special hit rules.
  • The flag must be carried in the open. It may not be concealed, hidden, thrown, etc. When hit, you must immediately drop the flag.
  • When you touch the enemy base with the flag, your team wins.
  • When all enemies are eliminated, your team wins.
  • Protip – Consider reducing the enemy’s numbers before attempting to control and push the flag.
  • Protip – Consider a stealthy strategy to sneak the flag past the enemy front line and onto their base.
  • Protip – Continually update your teammates on the flag’s location – it’s easy to lose track of it.