This set of rules governs competitive rounds, generally held at major wars, under the oversight of one or more referees. These rules don’t apply to regular wars.

  1. Team composition
    1. Teams must contain between 1 and 5 players. One player is to be designated team captain.
    2. Teams composed of fewer than 5 players receive no handicap.
    3. Players may be added or substituted before or after a match, provided the team remains under 5 players.
    4. The team captain may not be substituted.
    5. Players may not be substituted or added once the first round of a match begins.
    6. Players may only participate in one team.
  2. Weaponry
    1. Blaster FPS is limited to 300FPS.
      1. Teams may use any composition of blasters.
      2. Players may carry any number of blasters.
      3. Barrels must be capped – exposed metal and sharp edges are prohibited.
      4. Blasters must be at least 50% brightly colored and should have orange tips.
      5. Pressure vessels in excess of 30psi are prohibited.
    2. Players may carry any amount of ammo.
      1. Approved ammo: Unmodified full-length darts (Accufakes, etc), unmodified short darts (Workers, etc), cut-down unmodified full-length darts, Rival, Mega, Boomco, Vortex, soft arrows, soft missiles
      2. Banned ammo: Felt-and-washer Slugs, glue-dome Stefans, darts less than 1.25” long, any projectile at referee’s discretion
    3. Blasters must begin each round with their muzzles pointing toward the ground.
      1. Blasters may begin the game loaded
      2. Blasters may begin the game primed
  3. Equipment
    1. Shields and melee weapons are prohibited.
    2. Eye protection is mandatory for all participants and spectators.
    3. Throwables are permitted.
      1. Throwables must be soft and safe.
      2. One projectile may be thrown at a time.
      3. Throwing multiple projectiles simultaneously is prohibited.
      4. All pieces of ammo are permitted throwables.
      5. Any throwable may be banned at referee’s discretion.
  4. Hits
    1. All players must call hits on themselves and enemies.
    2. Hits anywhere on a player, or anywhere on equipment carried by or attached to a player count.
    3. Friendly fire does not count.
    4. Ricochets do not count.
    5. The referee has final say in any hit dispute.
    6. The referee may call a double elimination if both players hit each other within one second.
    7. Referees will indicate hits by blowing their whistle twice and pointing at the eliminated player.
  5. Conduct
    1. Players may not step out of bounds.
    2. When hit, a player must immediately put both hands in the air and walk out of bounds in the most direct possible path.
      1. Continuing to attack, leaving play slowly, and dropping equipment is prohibited.
    3. Once out of bounds, eliminated players must immediately return to their team’s bench.
    4. Players may not deliberately contact opponents with blasters, equipment, or their body.
    5. Players may not pick up or otherwise move the bases or cover.
    6. When the game is held, players must stop in place and point their muzzles towards the ground.
  6. Penalties
    1. A minor penalty may be given to a player for a minor infraction
      1. Examples: Out of bounds, improper muzzle positioning during game start
      2. Minor penalties result in the player being eliminated, or prevented from joining their team’s next game if the player is already eliminated.
    2. A major penalty is given for significant infraction
      1. Examples: Refusing to acknowledge referee’s hit call, use of dangerous equipment, fighting, cheating
      2. Major penalties eliminate the player, prohibit them from participating for the remainder of competitive rounds, and reduce their team’s permitted maximum size by 1
    3. Teams that fail to take their positions when a game begins forfeit the round.

Team Deathmatch Rules

  1. Gameplay
    1. The objective is to eliminate the enemy team. A team wins when all opponents are eliminated.
    2. All players have one life and are immediately eliminated when hit.
    3. Players must begin the game with at least one foot touching their team’s base
  2. Games and Match
    1. This game is played as a three-round match.
    2. If a round ends in a draw, it’s decided by a one-vs-one sudden-death round between the last survivor on each team.
    3. Rounds and matches do not have a time limit.
    4. After a round ends, teams have one minute to rearm. Teams switch sides after each round.