Attack and Defend

Objective – Survive as long as possible against relentless enemy forces.

  • The attacking team has unlimited lives and starts the game at the attacker base.
  • The defending team has three lives each and starts the game at the defender base.
  • The game organizer will begin a stopwatch on the defending team’s signal.
  • When an attacker is hit, they must return to the attacker base and count from 15 while touching the base.
  • When a defender is hit, they lose a life and must return to the defender base and may count in for as long, or as little, as desired.
  • When a defender loses their last life, they are eliminated.
  • When all defenders are eliminated, the game is over and the defender’s survival time is recorded. Then, the teams switch roles and the game is replayed. The team with the longer defense time wins.
  • Protip – Attackers have infinite lives, so make aggressive plays with your whole team to overwhelm the defenders.
  • Protip – Defenders don’t need to defend their base. Take up strong positions that are time-consuming to attack. Use the environment to tire the enemy out.
  • Protip – The last defender’s job is to waste time. Make enemies chase you through the brush, muck, and debris. Consider ditching your weapon to run faster – do whatever it takes to add time to the clock.