3-15 Elimination

Objective – Eliminate all opposing players three times. 

  • Each player has three lives and starts the game at their team’s base.
  • When hit, you lose a life.
  • To return to the game (respawn), you must return to your team’s base and count to 15 while touching the base.
  • You may not use your weapons while returning to base or counting in.
  • When you lose your last life, you are eliminated and must leave the battlefield.
  • The game ends when all players on a team have lost all their lives.
  • Protip: You don’t need to respawn right away. You may wait longer than 15 seconds at your base to coordinate with teammates, take aim at a “spawncamping” player, etc.
  • Protip: Coordinate with your team to push the advantage when you score some hits. Even though they will return in 15 seconds, you temporarily outnumber their teammates!