Can’t wait to fling foam against the best nerfers in the region?

Join us for Cataclysm 2! This is a large, recurring nerf war brought to you by NEO (Northeast Outings), organizers from several groups in the Northeast region.

We will be playing Flag Push, King of the Hill, Attack Defend, VIP, Control Point and more!

We have now extensively tested and added a new modifier class: ranged medic. However, this class changes the life and re-spawn rule set so it will not be playable in all games.

We will definitely play at least a few games with all modifier classes included.
Here are the rule sets for all modifier classes:

Here are the rule sets for the most popular game types:
1) King of the Hill
2) One-Life Deathmatch
3) Flag Push
4) King of the Hill Hard Mode

TLDR: Rectangular shields are maxed out at 2 x 4 feet. Circular shields must also have an area of 8 square feet or less, which translates to a diameter of 3.2 feet (3 feet, 2.5 inches). Megas and throwables kill the shield and the user. Shield-users may only use stock blasters (excluding rival flywheel) and melee. Jedi can only use melee weapons but they are entirely immune to normal darts. Jedi can only be killed by megas and throwables. However, they can block these with their melee weapon.

To view all rule sets we will be using, visit

Hope to see you all there!

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