Humans Vs. Zombies

Humans have blasters. If they are tagged by a zombie, they stay in place and turn into a zombie after they count to 15. Zombies have no weapons and use only their hands. If a zombie is tagged, they must put hands on head and count to 15 to respawn at the same spot. A stunned zombie may be tagged again to restart their timer.

Depending on the number of players, there will be a set amount of OZs (original zombies). There will be 1 OZ for every 5 humans. The OZs can all choose a special power. This is because it is very hard to tag humans in the beginning. This also incentivizes people to be an OZ, and it makes sense because OZ should be the most powerful since they are the original strain of zombie! All other zombies can only use hands.

The Tank. Instead of normal skin, this armored zombie has hard plates of sinew, flesh and bone. (This zombie has a shield with all normal shield rules.)

The Slicer. This zombie’s arms have mutated into long razor blades. (This zombie has a melee weapon to increase its tagging range. Any hits to the weapon do not count as a tag on the zombie.)

The Immortal. This zombie’s blood can clot extremely fast, causing it to regenerate much faster than a normal zombie. (This zombie has a 5 second respawn instead of 15.)

The Spitter. This zombie has acid fluids that it can squirt at humans. (It has one grenade that it can throw to tag humans. Humans may not pick it up. After getting tagged, spitting zombie can walk to their grenade, pick it up, and then start their respawn countdown.)

Zombies win if all humans die. Humans win if they survive a set amount of time (usually 7 to 10 minutes depending on the number of players). HvZ can also be played with any other objectives or combined with any of the other game types.


This is a very intense variant of HvZ. All regular HvZ rules apply. However, the game starts with two opposing teams of humans and one OZ. Anytime a human dies, whether to a zombie or another human, that human becomes a zombie.

In order to win, a human team must eliminate all the human members of the opposite team, and then survive for 1 minute.

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